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Dependencies & IDE

Carbide C++

While the sdks started by using primarily Visual Studio 6 as their main IDE with an eventual support for CodeWarrior. Nokia changed this by creating their own IDE based on eclipse called Carbide c++.

Description Download
Carbide C++ 2.7 link
Carbide C++ 3.2 link

Nokia WebTools

The Nokia WebTools include the Web Developer Environment, the Web Developer Channel, the Web App Simulator and Designer.

Description Download
Nokia WebTools 1.2.0 link

Sun One Studio

Description Release date Download
Sun One Studio Update 1 Mobile Edition 2002 link


For old SDKS (Symbian 1ed/2ed), the unofficial project “Symbian GCC Improvement Project” provide a more up to date compiler. For more recent SDKS, there is another unofficial project “GCCE for Symbian” which let you use bleeding-edge GNU toolchain for Symbian.

Description Download
GCCE 4.6.3 Linux / MingW32
RVDS 4.0 Professional Service Pack 3 Windows
RVDS 4.1 Suite Service Pack 2 Windows
ARM Compiler Toolchain v4.1 for RVDS 4.1 Windows


While most “recent” SDKS come with their own dependencies bundled, the oldest ones don’t.

Description Download
ActivePerl link
Java JRE 1.3.1_01 link