Symbian Archive

Modding Tools

This is a collection of community created modding tools. Due to the disparition of the Symbian forums and of Symbian-related websites in general. This collection tries to store the maximum number of useful tools.

I’m not really sure how to cleanly organize the tools here in a comprehensive way. So until I figure this out here is a link to the Mega folder with all the tools in it. If you have any suggestion please open an issue on the github repository.

Tools by Stephane Lenclud

An archive of various tools. Both Symbian applications (file viewers, task manager, …) and development tools (SDK switcher, bld.inf merger, …). The website also contains notes about everything including some notes on Symbian OS. Website


Another project of mine, it’s a simple tool to visualize the different parts of an Symbian OS E32Image. It does a similar job as the petran utiliy provided by the sdk. It also has a very early support of the the TRomImage format, but it’s not ready yet. Github


A tool by Florin9doi for visualizing the content of a ROM dump. The rom can be made by using romdump from the same author. Or using SDumper by tambre. Github

Useful Symbian Apps

Symbian ToolBox

A collection of useful tools to have on your phones. From a file explorer to an IRC client. Website

OpenTTD Symbian Port

The indispensable port of OpenTTD for Symbian. An absolute must-have. Forum Link / Download Link


A list of dictionnaries for Symbian OS. All of them are open source. Github