Symbian Archive


Some SDK’s / Pdk’s libraries came in seperate form. Those who are in jar format don’t work with a mordern JRE/JDK. But from my personal experience they work in an xp vm with both jre 1.3.1 and the microsoft’s jvm.

Description Download
Nokia Mobile Server SDK1.2 Library link
S60 3rd Ed FP2 Cpp Developers Library link
S60 5th Ed Cpp Developers Library 2.1.9 link
Nokia Belle Developers Library 1.0.0 link
Nokia Symbian^3 Developers Library 1.1.0 link
Nokia Symbian^3 PDK Library link

GCCE Library

Not exactly the library of a specific SDK/PDK, but the documentation of the compiler (GCCE) existed also as a collection of pdf. We only have the documentation for GCCE 4.6.3 and it’s unclear whether or not other version of GCCE had similar documentation. Download.