Symbian Archive


Version Download
Belle SDK for QT SDK 1.1.2 Windows
QT SDK offline 1.1.2 Windows / Linux x64
QT SDK offline 1.2.1 Windows / Linux / Linux x64 / Mac

Python SDKs

The projet’s website is available at
Use their downloads in priority.

Version Release date Download
Py60 1.4.5 November 2008 link
Py60 1.9.6 June 2009 link
Py60 1.9.7 August 2009 link
Py60 2.0.0 February 2010 link

Ruby SDKs

Ruby 1.9.1 Documentation:
Source of Ruby 1.9.3-p0:

Version Download
ruby Official Website / Symbian-Only archive

SilverLight SDKs

Version Download
SilverLight link